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I'm looking for to solve an optimization problem. I have some experimental 
data and I want to minimize the difference (L2-norm) between the model and 
the measures.

I have some difficulties to link Ipopt solver : how can I take into 
account these experimental data in functions "eval_f", "eval_grad_f", 
"eval_g", "eval_jac_g" and "eval_h" ?

You gave an example to minimize a function without experimental data.

For instance, if my function is

y(p1, p2, x) = p1 * exp(p2 * x)

where p1 and p2 are my 2 parameters, x is my variable (the temperature for 
instance). So at each componant of x, called x_i, I must have a new point 
y(p1, p2, x_i)

the jacobian of my function is

exp(p2 * x)
p2 * p1 * exp(p2 * x)

for each x.

How can I program functions "eval_f", "eval_grad_f", "eval_g", 
"eval_jac_g" and "eval_h" ?

Thank you very much.


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