[Osi] Pending change to signature for getDualRays

Lou Hafer lou at cs.sfu.ca
Thu Jul 29 20:54:58 EDT 2010


	Some time tomorrow I expect to commit a change to the Osi trunk which
will change the signature of getDualRays from
  getDualRays(int maxNumRays)
  getDualRays(int maxNumRays, bool fullRay=false)

The purpose is to expand the capabilities of getDualRays to return both the row
and column components of the dual ray, so that the method can be tested with the
mathematical proof Ar >= 0, dot(r,b) < 0 on a problem where the column 
components of a ray are not all zero. Whether this functionality will be more 
generally useful remains to be seen.

	Clients calling getDualRays should not see any change. The additional
parameter defaults to false.

        Since getDualRays is a pure virtual function, this change breaks
compilation for all OsiXXX.  I will also commit modifications for all OsiXXX
(with the exception of OsiSym and OsiVol) to make a trivial change that will
incorporate the additional parameter and throw an exception if it's ever set to
true. Individual OsiXXX maintainers can then determine if they want to provide 
this functionality and how best to do it for their underlying solver.

	If you are yelling `No! Wait!' at your screen, please email (and post) 
your objection.

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