[Osi] Configure with Mosek is not working -- symbol MSK_openmosek

Vikas Singh csviks at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 15:19:21 EDT 2009

On 10/25/09, Stefan Vigerske <stefan at vigerske.de> wrote:
> You have to check the name of the mosek library, and then do something like
> --with-mosek-lib="-L/usr/local/mosek/6/tools/platform/linux64x86/bin
> -lmosek"
> In this case,
> /usr/local/mosek/6/tools/platform/linux64x86/bin/libmosek.{a,so} would
> be tried. Please check what files you have in .../bin

Thanks. Based on your suggestions,

./configure --with-mosek-incdir="/usr/local/mosek/6/tools/platform/linux64x86/h"
k64.so -lm -lmosek64 -pthread" --enable-mosek-libcheck=no

works ok, and also
make tests works alright.

thanks, Stefan and Bo.



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