[Ipopt] Ipopt: Insufficient memory

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Thu Feb 11 00:24:13 EST 2016


Ipopt should not run out of memory on a problem with 12 variables, at 
least on a normal PC.

You should check whether your evaluation callbacks have some memory 
leaks, which would result in consuming more and more memory while Ipopt 
is running.

I would think that increasing the value for limited_memory_max_history 
would increase the need for memory, not decrease it.


On 02/11/2016 05:48 AM, Nithin Kurup wrote:
> Hi,
> I am relatively new to optimization. I am currently using IPOPT for
> biomechanical optimization. I am trying to optimize 12 variables or
> parameters (as shown in the attached file) unfortunately after 300
> iterations it exit with an error message as
> Optimizer failed: Ipopt: Insufficient memory (status -102)
> I understand its problem with memory, but have no idea how to solve this. I
> tried to play around with the limitedMemoryHistory option (generally
> increasing the value) but didn't succeed.
> Any hint would be appreciated.
> Thanks again.
> Nithin
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