[Ipopt] Crash in Matlab Interface for larger problems

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Sat Mar 30 05:42:49 EDT 2013


Without a bit more information it's hard to be sure. I have seen issues 
(thanks to Anil Rao for finding these and providing reproducible examples) 
on Macs with exception handling due to the way I compiled and statically 
linked the mex file you're most likely using. If your problem causes any 
restoration failed type exit flags, this may be the issue you're seeing. I 
compiled a version of the Mac mex file with Xcode compilers dynamically 
linked for the C/C++ standard libraries, but statically linked for Fortran 
(and also using Matlab's built-in version of MA57, which is typically faster 
than Mumps) and uploaded it here 
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8244638/ipopt_mwma57/ipopt.mexmaci64. Give this a 
try and see if that fixes anything.

Otherwise, it depends just how large your problem is (in terms of variables, 
constraints, and nonzeros in Jacobian and Hessian) and when the crash 
occurs. On very dense problems I have seen strange unexplainable segfaults 
from memcpy, for which I don't have any good solution. How much output does 
Ipopt generate before crashing? Do you have access to Windows and/or Linux 
computers with Matlab to try to reproduce the problem on other OS'es (with 
the appropriate mex files) to determine whether it's a Mac-specific issue? 
It would be best if you could provide a standalone example that I could test 
and reproduce the issue for further debugging.


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Subject: [Ipopt] Crash in Matlab Interface for larger problems

Hello everyone,

I am currently using the IPOPT prebuild Matlab interface with MacOS X.

The interface works fine and I can solve problems, but when specifying 
larger problems, MATLAB crashes with the attached crash dump.
Here the interesting line:

[ 10] 0x00000001328068c1 

Any ideas?


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