[Ipopt] HSL + Ipopt under Windows

Jonathan Hogg jonathan.hogg at stfc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 29 07:58:59 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I've now spent some time getting the coinhsl package to the stage where 
it compiles to a nice .dll under Windows. I'm looking for somebody to 
test it for me - any volunteers? (We're somewhat limited in Windows 
machines here, using linux desktops).

My plan is to offer it as a binary download from the HSL website, with 
people downloading it and just extracting libhsl.dll and libmetis.dll 
into their Ipopt installation (the compile from source option will still 
be available for those who prefer it). I assume this would be useful to 

Sadly we can't offer a combined download with Ipopt itself, as our legal 
people gave the choice of law term in the Ipopt licence a thumbs down.


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