[Ipopt] Problems using the Linear Solver Loader on Windows 7

Steimel, Jochen Jochen.Steimel at bci.tu-dortmund.de
Wed Aug 28 08:28:04 EDT 2013

Dear all,


after much experimenting i was able to build a reduced version of  the
libhsl.dll file using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Intel Fortran
Compiler. This file only contains the MA27 solver. If I copy this into
the same folder as my Ipopt39.dll and try to run my program I get the
following error message:




Exception of type: OPTION_INVALID in file
"..\..\..\src\Algorithm\IpAlgBuilder.cpp" at line 319:

Exception message: Selected linear solver MA27 not available.

Tried to obtain MA27 from shared library "libhsl..dll", but the
following error occured:

loadLib error: Do not know how to handle shared libraries on this
operating system


EXIT: Invalid option encountered.


I am not sure how to interpret this message. What good is a loader for
if it does not know how to handle shared libraries? Has anybody
encountered this problem running IPOPT on Windows?



My Version of IPOPT is 3.11.0 but I had to rename the dll File to be
able to load it via the CSIPOPT wrapper provided by Anders Gustafson at
Cureos. I have also set the PATH Environment variable to include the
current working directory of my program, where all the DLLS are located.




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