[Ipopt] using ma77 and ma86

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 21 10:03:20 EST 2012


just to add to what Jonathan wrote:

> If you try our new Ipopt-specific download it should do everything you
> need (modulo needing metis built separately for some codes). You can get
> it from:
> http://www.hsl.rl.ac.uk/ipopt/

It will build you a shared library that Ipopt can load dynamically at 
runtime, if you specify using ma77 or ma86 as linear solver.
This should already work with Ipopt 3.10.2.

> If you want to build it with the Ipopt build system you'll need the svn
> version of ThirdParty/HSL at present.

The easiest to do this is to checkout Ipopt-trunk via
  svn co https://projects.coin-or.org/svn/Ipopt/trunk Ipopt-trunk
and to follow the instructions in ThirdParty/HSL/README.


> Jonathan.
> On 20/02/12 09:45, Sebastien Lengagne wrote:
>> Hello !
>> I would like to test the linear solvers ma77 and ma86.
>> I downloaded them on the web site:
>> http://www.hsl.rl.ac.uk
>> So I get *.tar.gz and I extracted them and get repository with doc,
>> include, example, m4, src, configure ...
>> I tried to find on internet how to compile Ipopt to use those solvers
>> but I did not find.
>> Can you explain me how to do ?
>> Regards,
>> Sebastien Lengagne

Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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