[Ipopt] Obtaining MA57 dll

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 25 14:41:54 EST 2012

MA27 doesn’t use BLAS, so the performance difference you are seeing there is due to different compilers, and maybe other overhead things like dll file size. Who knows what compiler the version you found was using. I’ll guess that it may have been f2c -> Visual Studio, I always assumed f2c wouldn’t give very fast code but apparently that assumption was wrong.

The only non-Netlib BLAS I’ve ever tried using on Windows was the mkl.dll that’s distributed with Matlab. As I said, optimized Blas implementations may not be easy to build on Windows in the way Ipopt requires. If the build system / makefiles of those Blas implementations are not building .a libraries in MinGW, you should ask on those specific projects’ mailing lists.

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