[Ipopt] Obtaining MA57 dll

Pedro Tabacof tabacof at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 15:11:55 EST 2012

Tony, thank you again for the quick answer.

My main interest with BLAS was to make the MA27 dll run faster, but as you
pointed out the performance difference is probably due to something else,
so I will study the HSL build system better before trying to understand
what is going on.

I will also take a look at ATLAS, it indeed seems to have more
configuration options, and a better BLAS library seems to be useful at many


On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 4:41 PM, Tony Kelman <kelman at berkeley.edu> wrote:

>   MA27 doesn’t use BLAS, so the performance difference you are seeing
> there is due to different compilers, and maybe other overhead things like
> dll file size. Who knows what compiler the version you found was using.
> I’ll guess that it may have been f2c -> Visual Studio, I always assumed f2c
> wouldn’t give very fast code but apparently that assumption was wrong.
> The only non-Netlib BLAS I’ve ever tried using on Windows was the mkl.dll
> that’s distributed with Matlab. As I said, optimized Blas implementations
> may not be easy to build on Windows in the way Ipopt requires. If the build
> system / makefiles of those Blas implementations are not building .a
> libraries in MinGW, you should ask on those specific projects’ mailing
> lists.
> From what I recall ATLAS may have a more native-style static-library build
> system that hopefully works in MinGW. Looks like you can get ACML Windows
> binaries for free (and maybe Intel MKL as part of the C++ Studio XE if
> you’re a student), but those are typically compiled assuming the Intel
> Fortran compiler - if you don’t have access to that compiler, you need to
> do some header trickery to handle trailing underscores, I can give you some
> specific details off-list if you want to try that route.
> -Tony
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> Hello,
> I'm using Ipopt within CasADi for dynamic optimization and from some
> simple tests I can verify that the optimized BLAS is much faster (around
> 3-4 times). I'm comparing the netlib MA27 I compiled myself with a
> mysterious MA27 dll file I found on Ipopt trunk [1], which I suppose
> includes some optimized library for Windows.
> I tried to generate GoToBLAS and OpenBLAS static libraries here but Ipopt
> actually says they are not valid BLAS libraries when using the *configure*script. The only thing I found suspicious about the process is that the
> static libraries being generated by the BLAS makefiles are ".lib"  instead
> of ".a" files, even though I'm doing everything through MSYS+MinGW.
> Has anyone had success using precompiled BLAS libraries with Ipopt on
> Windows (MinGW)? Unfortunately I have no way of using Linux on my project.
> Happy holidays,
> Pedro
> [1]
> https://projects.coin-or.org/OS/browser/trunk/OS/MSVisualStudio/lib/libhsl.dll?rev=1703

Pedro Tabacof,
Unicamp - Eng. de Computação 08.
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