[Ipopt] Suppressing warning messages

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Sep 16 07:28:21 EDT 2011


I think suppress_all_output option gets active AFTER all options have 
been read (see IpoptApplication::Initialize(istream&)). So output caused 
while reading the option file are still printed.

You could try to call the IpoptApplication constructor with argument 
"false". Then you should have no output from the beginning on.


> Hi,
>   For the purposes of some tests, I would like to suppress all output from Ipopt. I am already setting "suppress_all_output" to "yes". But I still get messages like the three below sent to the screen. Is there an option to suppress these too?
> ( We are making use of Ipopt in a larger system ,http://openmdao.org/ . Our tests include some intentional errors. We are checking our error handling. )
> Thanks in advance for the help!
> 1. Tried to set Option: invalid_parameter_name. It is not a valid option. Please check the list of available options.
> 2.  Setting: "-99" is not a valid setting for Option: max_iter. Check the option documentation.
> 3.
> ### max_iter (Integer) ###
> Category: Convergence
> Description: Maximum number of iterations.
> 0<= (3000)<= +inf
> ...Warning: overflow encountered in double_scalars
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