[Ipopt] Suppressing warning messages

Herb Schilling HSchilling at nasa.gov
Thu Sep 15 13:56:26 EDT 2011

 For the purposes of some tests, I would like to suppress all output from Ipopt. I am already setting "suppress_all_output" to "yes". But I still get messages like the three below sent to the screen. Is there an option to suppress these too?

( We are making use of Ipopt in a larger system ,http://openmdao.org/ . Our tests include some intentional errors. We are checking our error handling. )

Thanks in advance for the help!

1. Tried to set Option: invalid_parameter_name. It is not a valid option. Please check the list of available options.

2.  Setting: "-99" is not a valid setting for Option: max_iter. Check the option documentation.

### max_iter (Integer) ###
Category: Convergence
Description: Maximum number of iterations.
0 <= (3000) <= +inf
...Warning: overflow encountered in double_scalars

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