[Ipopt] Ipopt setup and compilation for visual studio

Horand Gassmann Horand.Gassmann at DAL.CA
Sun Feb 20 20:52:38 EST 2011

dlle at student.dtu.dk wrote:

> Dear All
> I am trying to set up Ipopt in Visual Studio 2008. In order to run visual
> studio projects that will generate dlls of following solvers: Blas,
> Lapack, and HSL and AMP i need to call fotran to C compiler first. In the
> BaseDir of  Ipopt 3.9 distirbution I go to BaseDir/Ipopt/MSVisualStudio/v8
> and then in each of the folder corresponding to the given solver , e.g
> libbCoinBlas i should call the corresponding convert_* batch file that
> will call the fotran to c compiler, according to the convert_* batch file
> fortran files located in the ThirdParty code directory should be converted
> to C files. There are however no fortran files in any of the subfolders in
> the ThirdParty directory, like Blas, HSL, Lapack. There fore I get an
> error from the batch files that I call. In the
> homedir/Ipopt/MSVisualStudio/v8 there's a readme file which instructs you
> step by step how to generate these Ipopt dlls, it mentions in step number
> four: "Download the Blas, Lapack, and HSL source code as usual; read the
> INSTALL files in the appropriate subdirectories of BASDIR\ThirdParty".
> However, these install files are shell files which windows cannot read, so
> it is not possible to run them. As far as I get the idea this install-sh
> files should generate some fortran files that f2c compiler can work with,
> but i am not sure. Any idea how to get these fortran files in the
> directories :libbCoinBlas libbCoinLapack.. and other sovlers so that they
> can be found be the batch files and transformed into c files through f2c
> compiler. Thanks in advance for help

In order to download the files in a windows environment you need to  
get and install a package called wget. If you must work with  
VisualStudio, this is probably easier than installing a unix emulator  
such as MSYS or MinGW, although in the long run you may find it worth  
investing in one of the latter.

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