[Ipopt] Ipopt setup and compilation for visual studio

dlle at student.dtu.dk dlle at student.dtu.dk
Fri Feb 18 09:27:05 EST 2011

Dear All
I am trying to set up Ipopt in Visual Studio 2008. In order to run visual
studio projects that will generate dlls of following solvers: Blas,
Lapack, and HSL and AMP i need to call fotran to C compiler first. In the
BaseDir of  Ipopt 3.9 distirbution I go to BaseDir/Ipopt/MSVisualStudio/v8
and then in each of the folder corresponding to the given solver , e.g
libbCoinBlas i should call the corresponding convert_* batch file that
will call the fotran to c compiler, according to the convert_* batch file
fortran files located in the ThirdParty code directory should be converted
to C files. There are however no fortran files in any of the subfolders in
the ThirdParty directory, like Blas, HSL, Lapack. There fore I get an
error from the batch files that I call. In the
homedir/Ipopt/MSVisualStudio/v8 there's a readme file which instructs you
step by step how to generate these Ipopt dlls, it mentions in step number
four: "Download the Blas, Lapack, and HSL source code as usual; read the
INSTALL files in the appropriate subdirectories of BASDIR\ThirdParty".
However, these install files are shell files which windows cannot read, so
it is not possible to run them. As far as I get the idea this install-sh
files should generate some fortran files that f2c compiler can work with,
but i am not sure. Any idea how to get these fortran files in the
directories :libbCoinBlas libbCoinLapack.. and other sovlers so that they
can be found be the batch files and transformed into c files through f2c
compiler. Thanks in advance for help

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