[Ipopt] Calling IPOPT and Running Example HS071_F.F from Intel Fortran v11

Kelly, Jeff (ON0F) jeff.kelly at honeywell.com
Wed Sep 29 08:35:53 EDT 2010

I am having trouble calling IPOPT from Intel Fortran (using the
HS071_F.F example) and I am looking to simply download a DLL similar to
IPOPT38.dll (found in Ipopt-3.8.1-win32-dll.zip @


When I do this it does not recognize IPCREATE(), etc. - I can interface
CreateIpoptProblem() using an interface-block and STDCALL directives but
then the EV_() subroutines in HS071_F.F don't work of course.


I have interfaced XPRESS, GUROBI, LINDO and LPSOLVE to Intel Fortran but
I just can't get IPOPT to do the same.


Is there something I am missing and/or is there another DLL binary that
I am missing?


Thanks in advanced - Jeff 


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