[Ipopt] An eval fucntion return value question

Brad Bell bradbell at seanet.com
Tue Jan 26 09:18:48 EST 2010

If you look at the documentation for the eval_f procedure (current on 
the web page)
You will see that eval_f returns a boolean. I have not been able to find 
the documentation for the meaning of this flag.

If you look at the source code in Algorithm/IpOrigIpoptNLP.cpp, you will see
       bool success = nlp_->Eval_f(*unscaled_x, ret);
       DBG_PRINT((1, "success = %d ret = %e\n", success, ret));
       ASSERT_EXCEPTION(success && IsFiniteNumber(ret), Eval_Error,
                        "Error evaluating the objective function");

It appears to me that if the return flag from eval_f is false, Ipopt 
will abort. Is this correct ?

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