[Ipopt] Access violation using Ipopt Win32 DLL

Spacecookies spacecookies1 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 22:50:00 EST 2010

Hi all,

So I’ve been trying to use the precompiled Ipopt 3.9.1 Win32 DLL without much success. I’ve built a simple test case for it using the hs071_cpp example. I always get an access violation error on line 40 of hs071_main.cpp where app->Options()->setNumericValue(...) is called. The same thing happens in both Debug and Release builds (using the respective Debug and Release versions of the Ipopt DLL).

I’ve uploaded the Visual Studio 2010 project here if anyone wants to take a look:

There’s not much to it. I just got the precompiled Win32 binaries from here...

added the 2 missing header files (configall_system.h and configall_system_msc.h) from the source...

added the 3 source files from Ipopt-3.9.1\Ipopt\examples\hs071_cpp to a blank Visual Studio 2010 project, and built it (on Windows 7 32-bit). I don’t really see where I could have gone wrong... but I’d sure like to know. Has anyone else successfully used these DLLs?

Thanks for any help,
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