[Ipopt] link fortran example to Ipopt in MSVS?

鹏程 谭 tanpch19 at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Feb 16 01:42:02 EST 2009

hello all,
I am using C++ Ipopt 3.5.4 to solve some optimization problem. I compiled Ipopt in MSVS 2k5 and run the C++ example successfully. But the problem is that I wrote my own problem in Fortran code. I can't find a Fortran project file in v8 sln file. It seems that fortran example was only available before 3.2.x. I wonder anybody know how to add fortran project to Ipopt and specify the details?
BTW, I have IVF installed within MSVS.
Thanks in advance.~
               Pengcheng Tan

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