[Ipopt] Ipopt 3.5.2 release

Stefan Vigerske stefan at vigerske.de
Sat Sep 20 14:41:02 EDT 2008


> Here's a copy of what I just sent to the MUMPS list.  MUMPS 4.8.2 uses C99 standard for its C files and this is the root cause of the problems.
> All,
>   I've got MUMPS 4.8.2 built and running under Windows using Visual  Studio 8 for the C files and Intel Fortran.  I haven't tried with VS 9  yet.  There are two issues with compiling 4.8.2 using the Microsoft  compiler.  The first is an easy fix.  The snprintf is _snprintf on the  Windows platform.  All you need is this at the top of any file that  uses snprintf (e.g. mumps_io_err.c):
>   #if defined(MUMPS_WIN32)
>   #define snprintf _snprintf
>   #endif
>   That's an easy fix.

Hope so, there are things like cygwin, mingw, and windows-gcc where it
is never clear for me whether they have snprintf, _snprintf, or none of

>   The second problem is more difficult.  Visual Studio 8 complies with  the C89 standard and some parts of C99.  Unfortunately it's missing a  key part of C99, which is allowing variable declarations at any point  in a function.  C89 says that all variable declarations must be at the  start of any function.  The Intel compiler has a /C99 switch and  shouldn't be affected by this.

Maybe not of interest for the Mumps people, but the coin buildsystem for
Mumps does not set the /C99 flag for icl I think, so I got the same
problems (on Windows) as you with cl.

>  There's two solutions for the MS  compiler.  The first is a hack:  Add the /TP flag to the compiler to  tell it to compile all the C files as C++, which allows variable  declarations anywhere.  Then you run into C++ name mangling where the  Fortran tries to call non-mangled C function names which it can't find  and then the linker complains.  The solution to that is to wrap all the  C function declarations in " extern "C" " to switch off name mangling.   This is a lot of extra work for the MUMPS devs for one compiler.  I did  this and got it to work, but I should have used the second solution,  below.  I need to try with Visual Studio 9 as well to see if that has  the same problem. 
>   The second solution that's not a hack involves changing the files like  mumps_io.c so that all the variable declarations are at the start of  each function so they're C89 compliant and the problem should go away.   I'll try this over the next couple of days to make sure it works and  you're welcome to the code.  That's probably the most straightforward  fix.

I prefer the second solution.
You do not necessarily need to move code around, it seem to be
sufficient to put braces at the right places.

What had worked for me is
But I've tested it only on Windows with Intel compilers.
Well, but also haven't got complains from Kipps nightly builds either.

>   end
> Once I've tested out the conversion back to C89 standard and proven it works, I can post the modified MUMPS files here (shouldn't be too many) if people *really* want to use MUMPS 4.8.2.  I suspect the MUMPS devs will put a 4.8.3 patch up once we get this sorted out and tested.



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