[Ipopt] libc.lib

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Wed Nov 5 13:15:02 EST 2008


>    I try to include the -MT option in the makefile.vc but the problems when I rebuild all are there yet.
>    One question:
>     In the next step, when we make libf2c:
> 2 - Open a Visual Studio DOS prompt and go into the directory
>     cd BASDIR\Ipopt\MSVisualStudio\v8\libf2c\
>    Here, type
>    nmake -f makefile.vc all
>   When you say Open a Visual Studio DOS prompt, I open a MSDOS comands line, but not related with Visual Studio...  Could be this my problem??? What do you want to say with "Open a Visual Studio DOS prompt"?

I did not write it ;-).
Somewhere in the Start-menue under Programs/"MS Visual Studio ..."/Tools
or similar should be an icon to open such a dos prompt.
In differnt to a normal DOS prompt, the environment variables to find
the MS compiler are set there.


Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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