[Coin-ipopt] Re: Does my problem have no solution or only bad convergence?

Nguyen An Danh andanh at iam.rwth-aachen.de
Tue May 9 07:30:25 EDT 2006

Hi Andreas,

I changed dpivtol=1E-5 and used ISCALE 4.  The warning "resto_filter..." 
does not appear any more.  But my problem still does not converge.

Today I can download PARDISO.  Unfortunately, our machine is of AMD 64 
(X86_64), Intel EM64T Fortran compiler (ifort) and Suse operating system. 
Please show me which library could be compatible in the following list?

If I subcribe for another library IBM AIX while I compile my code and Ipopt 
on the mentioned machine, is there any compatiblility when running Ipopt?

      Intel, IA32-bit, gcc/g77 v.3.2.3 (with additional matchings): 
      Intel, IA32-bit, gcc/g77 v.3.2.3:  libpardiso_GNU_IA32.so
      Intel, IA32-bit, 8.0:  libpardiso_INTEL_80_IA32.so
      Intel, IA32-bit, 8.0, parallel:  libpardiso_INTEL_80_IA32_P.so
      Intel Compiler Version 8.0, IA64-bit, :  libpardiso_INTEL_80_IA64.so
      Intel Compiler Version 8.0, IA64-bit,parallel: 
      IBM AIX 5.3, 32-bit, sequential:  libpardiso_P4AIX51_32.so
      IBM AIX 5.3, 32-bit, parallel:  libpardiso_P4AIX51_32_P.so
      IBM AIX 5.3, 64-bit, sequential:  libpardiso_P4AIX51_64.so
      IBM AIX 5.3, 64-bit, parallel:  libpardiso_P4AIX51_64_P.so
      SUN Ultra Sparc III, 32-bit, sequential  libpardiso_SUN32.so
      SUN Ultra Sparc III, 32-bit, parallel  libpardiso_SUN32_P.so
      SUN Ultra Sparc III, 64-bit, sequential  libpardiso_SUN64.so
      SUN Ultra Sparc III, 64-bit, parallel  libpardiso_SUN64_P.so
      COMPAQ(HP) True64 V5.1, 64-bit, sequential  libpardiso_TRU64.so
      COMPAQ(HP) True64 V5.1, 64-bit, parallel  libpardiso_TRU64_P.so
      PowerMac Dual G5, 32-bit, sequential  libpardiso_GNU_MACOSX32.dylib


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