[Coin-ipopt] Problem with IPOPT_CHECK

don.jones at gm.com don.jones at gm.com
Tue May 24 15:49:09 EDT 2005

Hello IPOP users!

I have a problem with IPOPT_CHECK, the provided routine for checking
derivatives.   It seems to call routines get_f and get_g with a different
argument list and, as a result, the compiler generates an error.   Here is
the call to GET_F inside ipopt_check.f

      call GET_F(NORIG, RW(p_x+1), IW(p_ivar+1), NORIG, XORIG,
     1     M, RW(p_cscale+1), f, EV_F, DAT, IDAT)
         IERR = 3475
         goto 9999

Here is how subroutine GET_F is defined in get_f.f

      subroutine GET_F(N, X, IVAR, NORIG, XORIG, M, CSCALE, NLB, ILB,
     1     S_L, NUB, IUB, S_U, MU, F, LIW, IW, IERR, EVAL_F, DAT, IDAT)

As you can see, the above has more arguments.

Is this a known bug and has it been fixed?


Don Jones

djones at gm.com

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