[Coin-ipopt] Slides from the INFORMS IPOPT Tutorial

Carl Damon Laird claird at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed May 25 11:13:18 EDT 2005

At the last INFORMS meeting, I presented a tutorial on IPOPT that outlines 
(briefly) some of the theory as well as some of the interfacing and 
algorithm options. This was also the first time we officially discussed 
some of the reasons for re-implementing IPOPT in C++. This new version 
retains most of the functionality of the FORTRAN version, while allowing 
customization of the algorithm at many levels for efficient solution of 
specialized problems. Watch the list for the release of the new version.

PDF's of the INFORMS slides can be found at the following links.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Carl Laird,
Graduate Student,
Chemical Engineering Dept.,
Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA

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