[ADOL-C] Using Adol-c within OpenCl framework

Andrea Walther andrea.walther at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Feb 13 02:29:28 EST 2013

Dear Ricardo,

> I am trying to use Adol-c to generate the adjoint code of a OpenCL
> kernel. I have seen the thread regarding GPU computing from November
> 2011, and I was wondering if there were any updates on the issue.

we just integrated a new part concerning GPU computing into the TRUNK
version of ADOL-C.

Here, we concentrate just on forward mode using the already available
traceless mode of ADOL-C. There are some ideas around with respect to
the reverse mode but nothing has been implemented jet.

Please check this new code whether the ideas there are of any help
for you.

> The problems I have right now are that I need to work with single
> precision float variables, which Adol-c apparently does not support, and
> with telling the OpenCL compiler to use Adol-c's functions.

We have an ADOL-C version using only float variables but this is not
tested thoroughly. Therefore it is not contained in the TRUNK directory
yet. If this is of interest for you we could provide it via email.

Please send us an email if there are any remaining questions.

Best regards


Prof. Dr. Andrea Walther
Lehrstuhl fuer Mathematik und ihre Anwendungen
Institut fuer Mathematik
Universitaet Paderborn
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Email: andrea.walther at uni-paderborn.de
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