[ADOL-C] Cygwin build of ADOL-C fails

Mihai Pomarlan mpomarlan at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 08:05:07 EDT 2011

Unfortunately the problem is still there.

I downloaded the new files, built those as indicated (with the export command to set the flags before configure), but again the fminmax.cpp shows confusion in resolving the overloaded functions.

About gcc- the version I have is 4.3.4 (this is what gcc --version returns).

One more thing about the ADOL-C source files- I deleted all the older ones and then untared the new archive. It looks a bit strange to me that the old archive had 12MB whereas the new one has just 2MB, still, the build looks fine until fminmax.cpp.

With regard,
Mihai Pomarlan

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