[ADOL-C] Building ADOL-C with OpenMP-support

Wolfgang Lorenz wl-chmw at gmx.de
Wed Jul 13 11:09:01 EDT 2011

Hello list readers,

I just wanted to test the last stable version (2.2.0) of ADOL-C with
OpenMP support. The manual stated to configure ADOL-C using the option


In case of gcc that's "-fopenmp", which is working fine with other
projects. However, the build process ends with:

    In file included from odedrivers.c:20:0:
    ../../../ADOL-C/src/taping_p.h:297:2: error: #error nicht hier

The compiler error is still present in the trunk of ADOL-C svn. The
context in taping_p.h reads:

    296  #if defined(_OPENMP)
    297  #error nicht hier

Is OpenMP currently not supported, is this a bug or did I miss

  Wolfgang Lorenz

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