[Osi] osicpx threaded

Matthew Galati Matthew.Galati at sas.com
Fri Aug 28 01:57:16 EDT 2009

FYI. If I remove all the references to static env_, version, etc... things seem to work fine now. OsiCpx is then thread-safe. 

Can this be changed? or at least provided as an option? It is a shame if one cannot use Osi in a multi-threaded environment.
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Subject: [Osi] osicpx threaded

Has anyone successfully used more than one instance/thread of OsiCpx simultaneously? I am trying to do this. Constructing 2 instances of OsiCpx and using standard pthreads, solve two MILPs on 2 threads. It crashes. Valgrind/Helgrind is showing lots of potential race conditions. Looking a little deeper into OsiCpx, I noticed that although I have two different CpxLp ptrs, I have one CpxEnv ptr. In fact, the cpx env is a static variable in OsiCpx. Doesn't this make OsiCpx not thread-safe? Is there any easy way around this?


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