[Osi] [Clp] set row solution (activities)

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Disgusting solution but you could create a class that inherits from clpsimplex, provides functions to set rowactivity (protected) and cast to it.

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I think setRowPrice sets the dual solution - not the (primal) row solution.

Internally, it is the rowActivity_ array that needs to be set - that is what is returned by getRowActivity(). That is why you are not seeing it come back - you are actually setting the duals with setRowPrice.

I am not sure what it does to internals, but I think all you need is a method "setRowSolution" and do a memcpy into rowActivity_.


       Osi.setColSolution and Osi.setRowPrice will set the column and row
solution, respectively.  Row activity should follow from setColSolution.

       Based on the Osi unit test, OsiClp ignores imposed row and column
solutions (at least, they are not immediately reflected in the results returned
for row activity and reduced costs).


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