[Osi] set row solution (activities)

Matthew Galati magh at lehigh.edu
Thu Aug 13 18:13:31 EDT 2009

I think setRowPrice sets the dual solution - not the (primal) row solution.

Internally, it is the rowActivity_ array that needs to be set - that is what
is returned by getRowActivity(). That is why you are not seeing it come back
- you are actually setting the duals with setRowPrice.

I am not sure what it does to internals, but I think all you need is a
method "setRowSolution" and do a memcpy into rowActivity_.

>        Osi.setColSolution and Osi.setRowPrice will set the column and row
> solution, respectively.  Row activity should follow from setColSolution.
>        Based on the Osi unit test, OsiClp ignores imposed row and column
> solutions (at least, they are not immediately reflected in the results
> returned
> for row activity and reduced costs).
>                                                Lou
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