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I have to admit, I'd never heard of the Microsoft Solver Foundation before. However, seeing that the Release Data was Nov 13 2008, I don't feel too bad..
It seems like something also worth looking into.

Anyway, I'll keep on working on contributing our code.



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thank you for trying to share your work.

another approach could be to have coin solvers as plugins in new Microsoft Solver Foundation.

Best Regards,
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Ah, finally somebody picked up on that!..

Yes, a few years ago we (I..) started to develop a .NET wrapper, not unlike flopc++ or CONCERT (but not as advanced), with classes like Model, Variable, Constraint and (linear) Expression, and many overloaded operators (like "+", "<=" etc). The wrapper is written in C++/CLI (aka C++ with Managed extension) in Visual Studio 2005, and simply links in the LIBs of CBC, CGL, CLP and their OSIs, to form one mixed-mode .NET DLL.

Setting all this up was not too difficult, and we've been using this a lot ever since. This final product has, until now, never left closed-source-ness, partly also because nobody was asking for it.

Maybe this is a good point to try to get my bosses to agree to give back and contribute our code to the COIN community (but probably don't hold your breath..)

>From the other side: would the COIN-OR be interested in such a project being added?

(I'll have a look at the Contributions page)



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Hi All,

I would like to use OSI in c# to Solve some MIP problems.

I found some old post in the list :

and was wandering if now there would be a .net interface for OSI I could use ? or some sample code ?

Best Regards,

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