[Coin-osi-devel] Osi/stable testing

Ted Ralphs tkralphs at lehigh.edu
Fri Feb 2 18:02:03 EST 2007

Something resembling this problem was discussed extensively a few months
ago and I thought we finally had it fixed. The SYMPHONY unit test used
to fail under CYGWIN with -mno-cygwin for the same reason but now it
runs fine. I'll give it a try and see what I find.



Lou Hafer wrote:
> Matt, Ted, et al.,
> 	I've checked out the new Osi/stable for these builds:
>   * Solaris 10 (Sun Studio compilers)
>   * Fedora Core 5
>   * Cygwin (32-bit over Win2K)
>   * Mingw (cygwin 32-bit over Win2K with --enable-doscompile=mingw; uses
>   	--mno-cygwin)
>   * Msvc (cygwin 32-bit over Win2K with --enable-doscompile=msvc; uses cl)
> There are a few glitches.  For the mingw build, the unit test fails due to
> inability to read gzip'd files.  Could be due to some library incompatibility in
> my ancient system.  If it's a problem for others, we can tweak BuildTools to
> unzip the .mps files ahead of time.  The unit test is fine if I do the unzip by
> hand.  For the msvc build, you'll get a couple of `foo.h is present but cannot
> be compiled' warnings from configure.  Microsoft and autoconf 2.59 disagree on
> how to declare exit().  The problem is fairly deep, and is fixed in autoconf
> 2.61, so it's not really worth our time to put in patches. There are comments 
> and pointers attached to BuildTools ticket #30 (a closed ticket, you'll have to 
> dig to find it).
> 	Remaining environments available to me are SuSE and some variations on
> the Solaris build. For others, over to the rest of you ...
> 							Lou
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