[Coin-osi-devel] Osi/stable testing

Lou Hafer lou at cs.sfu.ca
Fri Feb 2 14:27:00 EST 2007


> > There are a few glitches.  For the mingw build, the unit test fails due 
> > to inability to read gzip'd files.  Could be due to some library 
> > incompatibility in my ancient system.  If it's a problem for others, we
> That's libz.  The old Makefiles had a line about whether you wanted to 
> include libz or not.  If you did, then gzipped files would be 
> uncompressed on read automatically.  If you didn't, you were responsible 
> for ungzipping the MPS files.

	The current configure setup does allow you to enable/disable Gnu
packages as a group (--enable-gnu-packages).  If you specify this, and include
the requisite macros (e.g., AC_COIN_CHECK_GNU_ZLIB) in configure.ac, then the
appropriate symbols, link flags, etc., are defined and used iff libz can
actually be located.  There's also an autoconf macro to test if symbolic links
work (though I'm not convinced it's correct).  In the end all this is used to
decide if data files are copied or linked, unzipped or not. CoinUtils and the 
Data projects take this into account.

	All the builds I mentioned are VPATH builds with Gnu packages enabled.
Superficially, at least, the problem is not a lack of libz, it's some sort of
incompatibility.  The libz that's found when -mno-cygwin is specified somehow
does not work.  Reads the first X lines of the .gz file, then returns garbage.
The lack of complaints from others makes me lean toward a quirk of my
configuration.  This won't make it to the top of my list of things to poke at
unless it becomes an obstacle for others.


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