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IPOPT version 3.12.9 can be called from MATLAB using

OPTI Toolbox

OPTI Toolbox Main/OPTI Toolbox Wiki - Inverse Problem<https://www.inverseproblem.co.nz/OPTI/>
If you are interested in optimization, use MATLAB and like free stuff, OPTI could be for you. See the What Is OPTI section for details on solving linear, nonlinear, continuous and discrete optimization problems using MATLAB!. To get right into it, jump to the downloads page!

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Dear all
I have two questions regarding IPOPT.
1- Is it possible to interface the last version of IPOPT with MATLAB 2017b?
2- I want to implement a dynamic optimization problem in MATLAB and solve it using IPOPT, but I cannot find any useful resources for doing this. Could someone help me with this issue?

Regards, F.Babaei
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