[Ipopt] available ipopt options in a particular release

Martin Neuenhofen martinneuenhofen at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 11 14:26:14 EST 2017

Dear all,

is information available on which Ipopt options do exist in a particular
release? I am frequently trying documented options in Matlab Ipopt 3.12.3
and for most of them it just happens that my Matlab crashes without an
error code.

For example, not outcommenting any of the following options leads to an
immediate collapse even before Ipopt reads the sparsitiy patterns:

options.ipopt.acceptable_obj_change_tol = 1e-4;

options.ipopt.obj_scaling_factor = 1/3;

options.ipopt.nlp_scaling_method = 'none';

options.ipopt.bound_relax_factor = 1e-5;

options.ipopt.honor_original_bounds = 'no';

options.ipopt.bound_frac = 1e-2;

Kind regards
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