[Ipopt] IPopt failure in Cygwin/Windows

Tony Lane tukun2 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 8 01:49:48 EDT 2015

I'm trying to build a Java interface for Ipopt 3.12.3. I'm using Windows 7 and the latest version of cygwin, and followed the instructions on Installation on Windows for Ipopt. The configuration script was returned successful, and after running make and make test, Ipopt was shown functional.However, there are several bugs in the Java interface. First, running make in the JavaInterface directory after a successful build of Ipopt creates "jipopt.dll.exe" instead of the expected "jipopt.dll". Running 'make test' after this build will fail. I ran a dll export viewer against it, to check for exported functions on binaries for windows platforms, and the exported functions were clearly meant to be for the java interface. So after renaming it with the proper extention and running 'make test' on it once again, I've got an UnsatisfiedLinkError exception thrown. Apparently the default configure/make scripts for cygwin do not make Jipopt.dll aware of the dependencies. So, I included them and ran 'make test' again, only to find another exception, this time again from Jipopt.dll. After a bit of searching, I realized this was due to the '@numbytes' suffixes appended to the symbols of the exported functions on the dll. So, after editing the makefile in JavaInterface to include '-Wl,--kill-at' and to the CXXFlags and then rebuilding JavaInterface (and renaming the extention), I no longer got any compilation errors or exceptions being thrown. Instead, cygwin shell never returns from 'make test'.
Maybe I'm not doing something right here? Does anyone a working JavaInterface for Ipopt version 3.11 or up for Windows?
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