[Ipopt] About the termination conditions of IPOPT

Hashemi, Reza Reza.Hashemi at bci.tu-dortmund.de
Fri Jan 30 05:28:29 EST 2015

Hello everyone,


In the context of optimal control, I am using the IPOPT to solve a huge
optimization problem.

The problem is that it happens very often that the optimal point
computed by the IPOPT has a larger cost than the supplied initial point
(minimization problem) even in the case that the initial point is
acceptably feasible.

I assume the tuning of the options which determine the termination of
IPOPT cause this problem. However, it seems tuning these options for an
ill-conditioned problem is not trivial.

My question is: Is there any method (or option) that enforces the IPOPT
to give a solution which has less cost than the initial point (or at
least as good as the initial point)?


Thanks in advance!



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