[Ipopt] Compiling IPOPT with ma57 source code

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 17 17:19:30 EDT 2014

Hi Begum,

Try --enable-matlab-static. And the .site file, hopefully you're using that 
too. It also seems from discussion with Anil that it would be better to 
leave off the '-framework vecLib' parts and use the reference BLAS instead, 
since he was seeing strange non-repeatable results. Still haven't gotten to 
the bottom of what was causing that one, but the reference BLAS appeared to 
fix it.


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Hello everyone,

I am using ipopt with ma57. I can compile ipopt using the flag
--enable-matlab-ma57. But now I need to compile ipopt with ma57 source
code. I am aware of the fact that somebody else asked this question
before (https://projects.coin-or.org/Ipopt/ticket/232) but the answers
did not solve my problem. Now, I will explain what I did to compile
ipopt with ma57 source code. First, I put coinhsl into Thirdparty folder
and used the following configuration script.

./configure --disable-shared CC=gcc --with-blas='-framework vecLib'
--with-lapack='-framework vecLib' ADD_CXXFLAGS='-stdlib=libstdc++'

This configuration script worked fine. I was also able to run make and
make install. I even obtained a mexfile. But when I try to run my
problem from Matlab I got the following error.

Invalid MEX-file
6): Symbol not found: __gfortran_transfer_array_write
   Referenced from:
   Expected in:

I tried to change the FC_LIBDIR line in mexopts.sh from

FC_LIBDIR=`$FC -print-file-name=libgfortran.dylib 2>&1 | sed -n


FC_LIBDIR=`$FC -print-file-name=libgfortran.a 2>&1 | sed -n

but it is still giving me the same problem.

I am using mac 0SX 10.8.5, gcc 4.8.2 and XCODE 5.1.1. I know my
gfortran is too new for matlab mexfile and I am supposed to have
gfortran 4.2 but I am also working with ma57 separately on this computer
so I dont want to mess with my gfortran compiler. Is there a way to fix
my problem without changing gfortran compiler?

Thank you.

Senses, Begum
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