[Ipopt] CasADi v1.9.0beta released

Joel Andersson j.a.e.andersson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 12:00:12 EDT 2014

Dear IPOPT user community,

We have just released a new version (v1.9.0) of the free and open-source
optimization framework CasADi.

CasADi allows you to formulate and solve optimization problems, in
particular nonlinear programs (NLPs) and optimal control problems (OCPs)
using a symbolic, everything-is-a-matrix type syntax. It contains
interfaces NLP solvers, in particular IPOPT, which like algebraic modelling
languages (AMPL, GAMS) automatically calculates all desired derivative
information, including large-scale and sparse Jacobians, Hessians, using
state-of-the-art algorithms for algorithmic differentiation. CasADi also
supports C-code generation, efficient embedding of ODE/DAE integrators into
nonlinear programs, symbolic import of optimal control problems from the
Modelica language and many other things.

This release includes a major update of the API in preparation for the
first non-beta release which will follow later this year. With this we
believe that CasADi should now be more accessible to new users.

The software is now located on Github, please visit www.casadi.org for
instructions on how to download and install the code.

Best regards,
Joel Andersson on behalf of the CasADi team
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