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Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 25 10:38:08 EST 2013


support for Visual Studio is quite limited, especially if you don't have 
a Fortran compiler.

You should have a look at the precompiled libraries at
especially the .7z ones.

If you compile by yourself, then regarding 3rd party software, one way 
is to get Mumps and Metis. For Mumps, you'll need to have a Fortran90 
compiler. Another option is to get HSL MA27 and Metis, this only 
requires a Fortran77 compiler, but you need to make sure that the 
license is ok for you.
If you have to stick with Windows, then get cygwin or mingw to run 
configure and make.


On 01/25/2013 07:14 AM, James Peng wrote:
> Hi, every guys:
> i'm newly known of this open source software.
> I'm intend to use it to optimize optical thin film design. By i'm confused by following problem:
> 1. My platform is windows 7, and my compiler is VS2008, i don't know it works or not?
> 2. By its tutorial, i know some third party parts should be dealt by myself, could you give my some advice.?
> 3. Based on my environment (including OS win7, VS2008), are there some cases existed or created by some friends? either Source codes or DLL lib, is ok.
> Thanks
> James Peng
> Opticstek
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