[Ipopt] help with compilation problem

Jonathan Currie jonathan.currie at aut.ac.nz
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Hi Kaushik,

In order to use IPOPT on Windows you will also need to compile a number of other packages, including METIS and MUMPS (or one of the HSL solvers), as well as having access to BLAS and LAPACK. Some of these will require a Fortran compiler (such as ifort from Intel).

If you wish to use Visual Studio 2010 (VC++) then steps for compiling all the above from source is included with my OPTI Toolbox (for MATLAB), simply have a look at opti_MUMPS_Install.m and opti_IPOPT_Install.m. This can be downloaded from http://i2c2.aut.ac.nz/Wiki/OPTI/index.php/DL/DownloadOPTI.

Can I ask what your goal is using IPOPT? You may find using the supplied binaries (on coin-or) is much easier than attempting to compile all from source.



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 i have downloaded the 3.10.2.zip file.
 when i unzip it i find int the following directory


the IpOpt-vc10 solution which i open in visual studio 2010 express and try to compile.

not this is the problem i face.

1>c:\work\ipopt-3.10.2\ipopt\src\algorithm\linearsolvers\ipmumpssolverinterface.cpp(20): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'mpi.h': No such file or directory.

 how should i resolve the issue ?

I am on a windows machine.

it would be very kind for someone to help.


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