[Ipopt] Question: Using IPOPT as an S-function in Simulink

Altmannshofer, Simon simon.altmannshofer at tum.de
Thu May 31 09:38:11 EDT 2012

Hello Martijn,

we used IPOPT for solving the NLP arising in NMPC(MHE) in a MALTAB/Simulink S-function together with xPC-Target.
Our steps were:

-          Download IPOPT (version prior to 3.10, we used 3.9, because there are problems with 3.10 and MS Visual Studio)

-          Compile the source code as described with MS Visual Studio (look in ..CoinIpopt\Ipopt\MSVisualStudio\v8)

-          Compile the test program with 32bit. Our MATLAB 2011a xPC Version only worked properly with 32bit.

-          Now, you should have 5 libraries (*.lib) that can be linked statically to your Simulink program

-          Static link is necessary for xPC Target, as your whole program is sent to the target PC

-          As much as we know you have to write your own S-function where you invoke IPOPT to solve your problem. We used the C interface of IPOPT in a C MEX S-Function

You can contact me personally, if you want further information on how to build IPOPT for use in MATLAB/Simulink S-function. We controlled a real-world inverted pendulum with NMPC. I would also give you the simulation files, which are almost identical to the test rig control files. Just contact me.

Best Regards

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Altmannshofer
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Technische Universität München
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85748 Garching bei München

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