[Ipopt] Feasible iterations only - again

Horand Gassmann Horand.Gassmann at Dal.Ca
Mon Mar 12 14:07:25 EDT 2012

Fabian Wein <fabian.wein at lse.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de> wrote:

> In my current model, the objective is only defined for a feasible  
> design. Hence the nonlinear inequalitiy constraints
> need to be feasible for the nonconvex nonlinear problem.
> If found an old thread: "Feasible iterations only"  
> http://list.coin-or.org/pipermail/ipopt/2007-May/000778.html
> Here Andreas states that this is not in Ipopt and not planned.
> I have not much hope, but anyway - has this changed meanwhile?  
> Anyone knows a solver with this feature? E.g. SNOPT, KNITRO?

I asked Andreas a related question recently. His answer, which made a  
lot of sense to me, was to simply use a zero function as the  
objective. For your problem this would mean that you could solve the  
feasibility problem first, then use the known feasible point as a  
starting point for the optimization phase.

But if you have nonconvex functions, then Ipopt may not be the best  
solver, anyway. Among the COIN-OR solvers you may want to try Couenne,  
and you can work within OS (Optimization Services  
https://projects.coin-or.org/OS) to let you switch seamlessly between  
the two.




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