[Ipopt] IPOPT on Mac OSX 10.6 with MATLAB R2011b and GNU GCC 4.5 crash

Marco Rozgic marco.rozgic at hsu-hh.de
Wed Feb 1 11:15:53 EST 2012

Hey everybody,

I am currently trying to setup IPOPT for the use with MATLAB R2011b. I 
followd the insturctions by Ray Zimmermann 
(https://projects.coin-or.org/Ipopt/wiki/Ipopt_on_Mac_OS_X). The 
difference in my setup is that I use gcc-4.5 instead of 4.2. Also I use 
the gfortran-4.5. After changing some commands (-arch x86_64 is no a 
valid option in 4.5) I got everything compiled, which means I have the 
file ipopt.mexmaci64. After copping the file into the appropriate MATLAB 
folder MATLAB recognizes the ipopt command. When I try to run one of the 
examples MATLAB crashes when trying to call ipopt. There are no error 
massages shown.
When I try to compile IPOPT with gcc-4.2 and gfortran-4.2 the configure 
script tells me the following:

../configure --disable-shared --with-blas="-framework vecLib" 
--with-lapack="" F77=gfortran-4.2 FFLAGS="-fexceptions -m64 -fPIC 
-fbackslash" CC=g++-4.2 CFLAGS="-fno-common -no-cpp-precomp -fexceptions 
-arch x86_64 -m64" CXX=g++-4.2 CXXFLAGS="-fno-common -no-cpp-precomp 
-arch x86_64 -fexceptions -m64"
checking whether user supplied BLASLIB="-framework vecLib" works... no
configure: error: user supplied BLAS library "-framework vecLib" does 
not work
configure: error: /bin/sh '../../../ThirdParty/HSL/configure' failed for 

Any help and suggestions are welcome,

Marco Rozgic

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