[Ipopt] Calling convention does not match

Delfs niclas.delfs at fcc.chalmers.se
Wed Feb 1 04:39:54 EST 2012

I have been trying to build an IpOpt dll which i want do use in my 
project. The problem I have is that when I build BinaryDLL-Link-Example 
I get results but before closing "Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value 
of ESP was not properly saved across a function call.  This is usually a 
result of calling a function declared with one calling convention with a 
function pointer declared with a different calling convention." happens.
What I have done is an dll in VS 2010 with the IpOpt project that exsist 
and the IpOptFSS dll( and lib) that can be downloaded from binary 
hompage, both in version 3.9.2. The changes I do in the projectfile of 
IpOpt is that I add the linking of the IpOptFSS.dll and the flags 
HAVE_CONFIG_H, HAVE_CSTDEF. I also need to hard code the version number 
in IpIpoptAlg becasue the definition does not work. I take away all the 
projects except IpOpt in the solution file.
Both my dll and the example project is using _cdecl

I tried the same with the version 3.10.1, where I needed to take away an 
def (HAVE_LINEARSOLVERLOADER) but i get the same results and error in 
the example when I use that one instead.

greetings //Delfs

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