[Ipopt] IpOpt code: Detereministic or Random across various runs?

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 18 14:50:37 EST 2012

Are you using global or persistent variables in your callback functions? If so, the internal state is likely there. If not, there may be some state inside the Ipopt mex file which could be considered a bug we can continue looking into (using high-print-level output as Stefan suggested to narrow it down).


From: AliReza Khoshgoftar Monfared 
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Subject: Re: [Ipopt] IpOpt code: Detereministic or Random across various runs?

Thanks very much Tony, 

It seems that the problem was exactly what you mentioned.
I was doing all consecutive runs of ipopt() in a for loop, but  there seems to be a necessity to clear everything, except the initial point (which is supposed to be the same across all runs)
Now I get exactly the same result across various runs with the same initial points


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