[Ipopt] Memory error after get_bounds_info() in IPOPT

Alex Tătulea tatulea.alex at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 06:49:39 EST 2012


I am new to IPOPT and I have to code this NLP in C++ under Linux. I have
implemented all the functions and individually tested them, they seem to
return the correct results.

But when I try running the optimizeNLP() function, I get an error in the
console with the message 'Double free or corruption (!prev)'. After
tracking the error with GDB, it seems that the optimizer calls the
get_nlp_info() routine with no error, and then performs the
get_bounds_info() until return. At this point, seems that the free()
function is called (I don't know where from) and then the memory error
occurs and the program is aborted.

If anyone has encountered something like this, please give me a hint on how
to approach this problem. Is there some particular mechanism inside IPOPT
for freeing memory and handling vectors I should be aware of? Inside this
function I am not doing much, just assigning the values to x_l, x_u and

Thanks in advance, I hope someone could help me here with an idea!

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