[Ipopt] Memory limitations in Matlab-interface IPOPT when using MA27

Andreas Waechter awaechter.iems at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 09:27:49 EDT 2012

MC19 is used to computed scaling factors for the matrix.  By default, it 
only kicks in if the linear system solutions are not accurate.  But by 
setting 'linear_scaling_on_demand" to "no", you will make sure the 
scaling happens from the beginning.  See 

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On 08/16/2012 05:40 AM, Jonathan Hogg wrote:
> At a guess its because MA57 will be using scaling by default and MA27 
> will not.
> For most problems scaling makes little real difference (except that 
> MA57 runs more slowly), but for others it
> significantly reduces (or eliminates completely) need for pivoting and 
> the related growth in memory requirements.
> You can probably test this by disabling scaling in MA57 and seeing if 
> you get similar errors.
> Jonathan.
> On 16/08/12 08:39, Lemoine, Roberto wrote:
>> Dear IPOPT developers/users:
>> I have a question. I am using the Matlab-interfaced version of IPOPT 
>> v.3.10.0 (run with Matlab R2011b in a computer with Windows 7), 
>> successfully compiled as described in the Interface website:
>> bandersnatch.dyndns.info/~djr/ipopt_compile_steps.pdf
>> My optimization problem is relatively small (1000 degrees of freedom 
>> or less). However, IPOPT solves the problem successfully only if I 
>> use the linear solver MA57 (I have METIS also installed). However, 
>> when I use MA27, IPOPT fails to start iterating, and shows the 
>> failure message:
>> EXIT: Not enough memory
>> This does not happen with MA57 (even MUMPS makes it to start 
>> iterating, but fails after some iterations due to problems in the 
>> restoration phase). I have played around by increasing the parameters 
>> ma27_liw_init_factor, ma27_la_init_factor and ma27_meminc_factor, and 
>> the problem remains.
>> Does anybody have an idea why MA27 could be having this problems, 
>> while MA57 not? Is there a difference in the memory management of the 
>> solvers? Thanks a lot in advance.
>> Best regards,
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