[Ipopt] Infeasible Starting Point

Ashutosh Mahajan asm4 at lehigh.edu
Fri Mar 18 23:01:41 EDT 2011

Dear Darcy,

It may be more helpful to describe the problem you are solving and how you
input it to Ipopt. Do you call it through AMPL, GAMS or the C++ interface?
Are there any points where the functions become infinite or nan (like 1/x)?

Ashutosh Mahajan

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 10:24:06AM -0400, Darcy Allison wrote:
> Hi. I recently used Ipopt for a nonlinear optimization problem and  
> discovered that if I did not start in the feasible region that it  
> crashed and would not converge to the optimum. However, if I started  
> in the feasible region it would find the optimum just fine. I am  
> wondering if this deficiency is currently being worked on or not?  
> Thanks.
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