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xq_wl gkbatchelor at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 00:39:02 EDT 2010

Hello guys, I have two questions when I try to use Ipopt in trajectory
otimization problem.
I use MSVisualStudio 2005 and have applied the third party code that ipopt
needed. Following the instructions in the readme.txt.
The first one is when I try to convert the fortran code MA57.f into C
following the instructions, but several errors were occured, as in the
attached picutre. The file I applied is MA57d.f and ddep.f which contain the
fd15ad.f, mc21ad.f and etc; I merge the two files in to ma57ad.f ; can
someone tell me why?

The second is that program couldnot find the ampsolv.lib, while I have
download the ASL code and following the instructions the step 7 in the
readme.txt .
Thank you very much.
Best Wishes.
                               Chen Xiaoqing
College of Aerospace and Material Engineering
National University of Defense Technology,
Changsha Hunan 410073 China
Telephone: (+86)013787164464
Email:        gkbatchelor at gmail.com
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