[Ipopt] Where or how can I obtain the libhsl.dll?

Olaf Schenk olaf.schenk at unibas.ch
Tue Jan 5 06:39:38 EST 2010

> There is a small benchmark of Ipopt with MA27 vs Ipopt with MUMPS at
> http://www.coin-or.org/GAMSlinks/benchmarks/NLP/ipopt_091120/index.html
> (of course, one benchmark is never the last word on the subject)
Some results of Ipopt with MA57 vs Ipopt with PARDISO has been published in
O. Schenk, A. Wächter, and M. Hagemann, Matching-based Preprocessing 
Algorithms to the Solution of Saddle-Point Problems in Large-Scale 
Nonconvex Interior-Point Optimization. Journal of Computational 
Optimization and Applications, pp. 321-341, Volume 36, Numbers 2-3 / 
April, 2007



URL: http://fgb.informatik.unibas.ch/people/oschenk/

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